Berry Kiss

Tulips, Alstroemeria, Berzelia & Joey Fern

I am head over heels for these deep red Tulips and think they pair perfectly with local, WA grown coral Alstroemeria. After a day or two, they’ll come to full bloom and make for a real show stopper of a bunch! Delicate, wispy Joey Fern and large bulbs of red tinged Berzelia round out the arrangement nicely.

  1. Start with your Berzelia, positioning it on one side of the vase.
  2. Fan the Joey Fern around the back of the vase, using the Berzelia stems for support.
  3. Trim the Alstroemeria and add in on the opposite side to the Berzelia.
  4. Finally, the Tulips take centre stage and add a burst of colour to the centre of the bunch.