Boldly Beautiful

This week’s bunch will bring an injection of colour to any room! Magenta and lilac hued Stocks, white and fuchsia tipped Alstroemeria, plus delicate feathery Zefora and tiny Wax Bud. It’s bold and it’s beautiful and we hope you love it as much as we do.

  1. Start with your Stocks, alternating the colours and placing them in the vase in a five point star arrangement.
  2. Trim the Alstroemeria to be about 5cm shorter than the Stocks and spread these evenly. These beauties will take a couple of days to open up, but will definitely be worth the wait.
  3. Trim down the Zefora and Wax Bud, removing some of the lower branches and flowers. Weave and tuck the main stems around the other flowers in the arrangement, to fill out the vase and complete the arrangement.
  4. Don’t let those off-cuts go to waste! We think they look just lovely in a small jam jar or milk bottle and can add a touch of colour to another room in your home.