Hello Sunshine

Sunflowers, Tulips, Berzelia & Ruscus

This week it has felt as though Spring is just around the corner. Hello 23 degrees and lunch in the sun! This weeks bunch is a nod towards the changing seasons and features the prettiest white Tulips, Berzelia with its bright green, spherical clusters and Ruscus greenery. Oh and a pop of colour and sunshine with bright yellow Sunflowers taking centre stage.

Style Guide:

  1. This bunch is styled with a more modern take on your traditional arrangement and features bold, blocks of colour and blooms.
  2. Start by trimming your ruscus and arranging them on one side of the vase.
  3. Add in the berzelia, on the opposite side, creating a grid by criss-crossing them through the ruscus stems.
  4. Trim the very end from the tulips, but keep their stems tall.
  5. Bunch the tulips together and position them in the middle of the vase.
  6. Finally trim your sunflowers, keeping one slightly taller than the other, and add them to the front of the arrangement, with the shorter stem in the centre of the vase.