In Love with Anne & Iris

Protea, Iris, Queen Anne's Lace & Snapdragon

This week’s bunch is an all Aussie grown special and showcases some beautiful, seasonal flowers. Combining delicate and airy Queen Anne’s Lace, Native Protea, the most gorgeous fuchsia pink and white hued Snapdragon and the more unusual white Iris, we think it’s a match made in heaven. A beautiful bunch, and great for the environment too. Local flowers, mean less carbon emissions and is all round more environmentally friendly.

  1. Begin with your snapdragon, keeping the stems tall and placing one at the back of the vase, and the remaining two on either side, crossing the stems in a grid.
  2. Trim your iris stems so they are slightly shorter than the snapdragon and add to the centre of the vase.
  3. Trim the Queen Anne's lace so it sits below the iris buds and weave it in between the snapdragon and iris stems.
  4. Trim your protea to the same height as the Queen Anne's lace and add these in front of the iris in the centre of the vase.
  5. Finally tease some of the Queens Anne’s lace forward and around the Protea, they should look really natural and free flowing around the vase edge.