Into the Jungle

Spray Roses, Alstroemeria, Matricaria & Leather Fern

With the sun having gone MIA for the past couple of days, we’ve got the perfect bunch to brighten your week and bring a splash of colour to your home! This week’s star of the show are gorgeous orange Spray Roses (apt so close to Halloween!) plus white Alstroemeria, which will take a couple of days to fully open up, the delicate scent of dainty Matricaria and Leather Fern, adding a little jungle vibe to the whole arrangement.

  1. Start with Alstroemeria, criss crossing the stems and creating a square base in your vase.
  2. Trim down the Matricaria and fill in the gaps, bringing shorter stems towards the front of the vase.
  3. Take your Fern and slot these in around the edge of the vase, creating a little nest for the blooms inside.
  4. Finally trim and add your Spray Roses, remembering to bring shorter stems towards the front and spreading pops of colour throughout the arrangement.