Oriental Enchantment

Oriental Lily, Solidago, Chrysanthemum & Viburnum

This week’s bunch is an all Australian grown special and we think it’s utterly enchanting. Give the Lily a few days to open up and you’ll love it even more. Texture is added in the form of Solidago and we have pretty little white Chrysanthemum to contrast the large Lily flowers. Last but by no means least, large, waxy leaves of Viburnum round out the bunch.

  1. Start with your Solidago, taking three of the stems and arranging them in a three point star.
  2. Keep the Lilies a similar height to the Solidago and add one on either side of the vase.
  3. Trim the Chrysanthemum to be between 5cm-10cm shorter than the Lilies and slot these into the arrangement.
  4. Take the Viburnum and weave these around the edge of the vase.
  5. Finally take your two remaining Solidago stems and trim these down a little more, and fill out the space between the Viburnum around the edge of the vase.