Pretty in Pink

Tulips, Carnations, Leucadendron & Christmas Bush

It may only be November and despite not wanting to wish time away, we just couldn’t resist this gorgeous Christmas Bush and it’s tiny pink flowers, which has just come into season. (Although we promise we won’t mention Christmas again until December!) Making up the rest of the bunch are these gorgeous blush Carnations which contrast perfectly with the fuchsia pink Tulips and darker Leucadendron nuts. The result is pretty as a picture!

  1. Start with the Christmas Bush, taking the taller stems and adding them to one side of the vase.
  2. Add in the Leucadendron, criss crossing the stems and filling the space on the other side of the vase.
  3. Trim your Carnations, to slightly varying heights and weave these into the arrangement.
  4. Again trim the Tulips, keeping some taller than others and add these to the centre of the vase to add a concentration of colour.
  5. Finally take your shorter Christmas Bush stems, and off-cuts, and weave these around the edge of the vase.