Sunsets in the West

Dahlia, Kangaroo Paw, Chamomile & Alstroemeria

We may be biased but we think sunsets in the west definitely are the best, and boy have we had some good ones recently! Recreating the colours of sunset in flower form, this week’s bunch is a colourful one and will add a splash of colour to every day. Delightful Dahlia are my pick of the bunch with their deep red tones and bright yellow centres. This week also features tactile, yellow Kangaroo Paw, Alstroemeria, which will be long lasting even with the heat, and scented, delicate Chamomile. Keep cool and enjoy your blooms!

  1. Start with Alstroemeria, criss crossing the stems and arranging them in a three point star.
  2. Take your Chamomile and add the larger stems around the Alstroemeria, saving the shorter off-cuts and dainty stems for finishing off the arrangement.
  3. Add the Kangaroo Paw on either of the vase.
  4. Using the grid created by the other stems for support, tuck in the Dahlia, featuring the main flower heads towards the front of the arrangement.
  5. Finally weave in the remaining Chamomile stems around the edge of the vase, teasing their delicate flowers around the rest of the bunch.
  6. With the hot weather, don’t forget to change your water regularly and keep your blooms in a cool place, so they last as long as possible!