The Cabbage Rose

The star of this bunch is the perfect winter bloom. Ornamental Kale, loves the cold and thrives at this time of year. It’s also known by my preferred name, the Cabbage Rose which just sounds delightfully English! Delicate Spray Carnations, contrast perfectly with the large bulbs of Kale, and deep pink Statice adds an injection of colour. Rounding out the bunch is delicate flowering Wax Bud.

Style Guide:

  1. Begin with the wax bud, keeping the stems tall and criss crossing them around the back of the vase.
  2. Trim the statice, slightly shorter than the wax bud and weave it in-between the wax stems. Keeping a concentration of colour in the middle of the vase.
  3. Cut the kale stems shorter still (you may need quite sturdy scissors/secateurs for this!) and place one in the centre of the vase and one slightly shorter, towards the front.
  4. Trim the spray carnations and use them to frame the kale, with stems of varying heights filling in the space around the kale.
  5. Enjoy your blooms!