The Mad Hatter

Asiatic Lily, Alstroemeria, Carnations, Misty Field & Eucalyptus

Bringing a little wonderland to your weekend, this delightful arrangement is inspired by a visit to the WA Ballet to see their wonderful production of Alice in Wonderland! Join Alice and escape reality, entering a world filled with beautiful pink Lilies, peach and fuchsia Carnations and delicate pale white and pink striped Alstroemeria. We can just imagine Alice getting lost amongst the purple Misty Field and flowing Eucalyptus stems… Enjoy your weekend, wherever it takes you!

  1. Start with the Lily, measuring them against your vase and trimming them, before criss crossing the stems and arranging them in a three point star.
  2. Trim the Alstroemeria so they are slightly shorter than the Lilies and add these into the gaps.
  3. Fill in the bunch with the stems of Misty Field.
  4. Trim your Carnations to varying heights and add these in around the other flowers.
  5. Finally add in your Eucalyptus, teasing the leaves around the flowers to create some natural flow to the bunch.
  6. Don’t forget to keep your flowers in a cool part of your home and change the water regularly with this hot weather!