The Queen of Hearts

Tulips, Snapdragon, Wax Bud, Flowering Tea Tree & Eucalyptus

How could you not fall in love with this weeks bunch, it’s very foliage is heart shaped! Combining some beautiful Native foliage in the form or Wax Bud, Flowering Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, with a hit of colour from the prettiest pink Tulips and some great height with pure white Snapdragons. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Style Guide:

  1. Begin with your eucalyptus, keeping it tall and allowing it to fan around the back of the vase.
  2. Add in your flowering tea tree to create a block of colour.
  3. Mix in your wax bud, bringing some to the front of the vase.
  4. Measure and trim your snapdragons, keeping them taller than the rest of the bunch. Add one on the left hand side of the bunch, one in the centre and one of the right hand side.
  5. Trim your tulips slightly shorter than your foliage, bunch them together and place in the centre at the front of the vase.
  6. To finish off, tweak any little bits of eucalyptus and wax bud, bringing a few leaves towards the front on the vase.