Watercolour Dream

Disbud, Statice, Solidago & Ranunculus

This colourful bunch looks like it would be a dream to paint, hey we may even get the watercolours out ourselves! Transporting you to the feeling of an English garden, we have beautiful pink and green tipped Disbud, delicate, ruffling Statice and Solidago, plus a pop of colour from buttercup yellow Ranunculus. Happy Friday & Happy Flower Arranging!

  1. Start with your solidago, arranging them in a square formation and criss crossing the stems.
  2. Trim down your statice so that is slightly shorter than the solidago and split any stems that are too full, into two. Weave these in and around the solidago.
  3. Trim the disbuds to be about 5cm shorter than the solidago and spread evenly throughout the arrangement.
  4. Finally trim the ranunculus to a similar height as the disbuds and add these into the arrangement for the perfect burst of colour.