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Make flowers part of your every day

We strongly believe, flowers aren’t just for special occasions and should be a part of your every day.

We are not your traditional flower delivery company and we like to think our difference makes us just that little more special. Every Friday we design an arrangement and deliver a selection of seasonal flowers and foliage to our customers, ready to be styled and arranged by them. Never arranged flowers before? No worries! We’ll send you a photograph of the finished bunch and give you step by step instructions to follow. You’ll be a professional in no time!

Each Wild Bunch costs $55, including FREE delivery to selected Perth suburbs.

Boxes are delivered every Friday afternoon. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as a one-off - the choice is yours. Going away? Don’t worry, you can opt to skip a week, or add extra deliveries at any time. We hate to see flowers going to waste, so just let us know if you’re going on holiday or would like to take a break from receiving flowers and we’ll get your preferences updated pronto!

What's in a box?

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Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
– Hans Christian Andersen
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What's in a box?

Each week we bring you a different selection of the freshest and most seasonal blooms, educating you about what is in season and how to style flowers throughout the year. Prior to delivery, we prepare your flowers, trimming the ends and removing the lower leaves and foliage. They are then stacked neatly into one of our recycled cardboard boxes, with air holes so they can breathe, ready for delivery direct to your door.

Get your first box

Make your home beautiful

Transform your home with a beautiful bunch of blooms, every time you receive a delivery. Add colour, beauty and fragrance with fresh, seasonal flowers that'll be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Take time out for yourself

Taking just a few minutes to arrange some flowers can be wonderful for your mental health and well-being. We will teach you the art of flower arranging with our easy to follow tips. Every week we post images and a style guide and you can either follow our arrangement or go completely wild and get creative with your styling.

The gift of creativity

Give more than just flowers. We like to think of the Wild Bunch as two gifts in one! Perfect, for a creative friend or loved one. Sign up for a gift subscription and know they’ll be delighted week after week.

Make your home beautiful
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