In Perfect Harmony

Disbud Peony, Amaranthus, Statice & Viburnum

This week’s bunch will calm and delight and is a perfect combination of tonal greens and fresh colour. Taking centre stage are white Disbud Peony with their layered petals and large flower heads. The rest of the arrangement is made up of lilac Statice, bright green Viburnum leaves and height and texture in the form of Amaranthus.

  1. Start with the Viburnum, criss crossing the stems and allowing them to fall naturally around the edge of the vase.
  2. Measure the Statice and trim so that they are slightly shorter than the Viburnum. Add in, spreading the colour evenly.
  3. Trim the Disbud Peony, so they are slightly different heights and add as a cluster in the centre of the vase.
  4. Finally take your Amaranthus and weave into the arrangement, keeping the stems tall and creating some height to the finished bunch.