Madame Rouge

Spray Roses, Iris & Stocks

This week’s bunch is unashamedly bold and beautiful. Deep red Spray Roses, purple Iris (which will take a few days to come to full bloom) and perfectly purple Stocks. This one makes a serious statement.

  1. Start with your purple Stocks, placing them in the vase, in a triangular arrangement.
  2. Trim the Iris so they are slightly shorter than the stocks and add these into the arrangement, weaving them through the grid created by the Stocks.
  3. Take your Spray Roses and disperse these evenly throughout the arrangement, making sure you have one sitting centre stage in the middle of the vase.
  4. In a few days the Iris will have fully opened and your bunch will be looking just perfect.
  5. Don’t forget to change the water regularly and enjoy your blooms!