Spring Fever

Spring has most definitely sprung and we think this week's bunch reflects the changing seasons perfectly! Featuring local Sunflowers, so fresh they are still in bud, just give them a day or two and their golden petals will open right up. Beautiful white Disbud Peony are the star of the show and look wonderful with the addition of Native Leucadendron and fresh white Alstroemeria. This bunch sure has a sunny disposition and we hope you love it as much as we do.

  1. Start with your Leucadendron, arranging them in a five point star within the vase.
  2. Using the Leucadendron stems for support, weave in the Disbud Peony so that they sit in the centre of the arrangement.
  3. Trim your Sunflowers to approximately the same height as the Disbud Peony and spread these evenly around the Disbuds, keeping them towards the front of the arrangement.
  4. Finally trim down your Alstroemeria and add the three stems at the back of the vase, behind the Disbuds and Sunflowers, so they fan out and finish off the arrangement, just so!