Wild & White

Freesia, Gladioli, Carnations & Ruscus

This week we’ve gone wild and are encouraging you to to use a coloured vase, or a less traditional flower vessel! We love the pop of turquoise against the pure, white flowers in this week’s arrangement. Tall by nature, white Gladioli will take a couple of days to open up, but will most definitely be worth the wait. Into the mix we also have local Freesia which have just come into season, beautiful white Carnations and dark green Ruscus foliage to finish off the bunch.

  1. Use a tall, narrow necked vase where possible for this beautiful bunch.
  2. Start with your Gladioli, keeping the stems tall and arrange in a triangular arrangement.
  3. Trim the Ruscus to be a little shorter than the Gladioli and weave these around the back of the vase.
  4. Add in the Carnations as a central cluster of flowers.
  5. Finally add in the Freesias, teasing the stems and flower heads around the Carnations and towards the front of the vase.